Monday, March 19, 2012

Universal Monsters Online Game

Found this while lurking about the interwebs, here's the write up

"All you PC horror lovers out there could finally jump in joy because there is a new free-to-play horror-themed game coming out soon. Developed by Universal Studios, Universal Monsters Online is an MMORPG that is fast-paced and action-packed! It combines the use of 3D isometric graphics, cinematic audio, and even includes a deep gameplay for those of you who wouldn’t mind a change in controls for once in a while.

Inspired by the Universal Monsters film, the game introduces classic characters including Frankenstein, Dracula, The Wolf Man and loads of other iconic monsters online. You can cooperate with your monster’s companion to terrorize and wreak havoc when you wander about in the village. It is really a crazy and stirring thing to see the innocent villagers run away from you as they have never experienced such profound fear before. Join us! Step on a dramatic journey along with your loyal companion, and prove to the world that you are not to be played with."

I have no idea if you're playing as the monsters or a human, I'm hoping monster... you can go to the website and sign up for updates, I did.

Topper Motorized Monster Maker


Every once in a while I come across a monster related toy that baffles me, one that I don't remember seeing anywhere or having my grubby claws on at some point. I recently attended a toy show and one of the items being sold at a table was a large box with the colorful logo reading "Motorized Monster Maker" I made a mental note to investigate it but I had the little monster with me and she was sulking because there were no Monster High Dolls around and I never got back to look at it closer. A little research later and I'm kicking myself in the bolted on ass that I didn't.

Made by Topper Toys of Elizabeth NJ in 1969 and sold in 1969 & 1970 the kits were similar to Mattel's Thingmaker and Creepy Crawlers. Basically you purchased a starter set which included the (very rat fink lookin') Ogre kit and an oven like the Thingmaker. You got two static bodies and one motorized body and the molds and goop to make the head, arms and legs of the monster. You had to purchase the other mold kits separately. If you didn't get enough of Ogre in the starter set, he had a mold kit too. If you used up your 3 monsters and wanted more, you could buy an accessory kit to customize your monster, which did not include the mold (or oven).

There were seven monsters in the line including:

Bobo Bones the Mummy
Resin model of Bobo made from the original molds

original Bobo's box contents

O.G. Ogre - He Swings his club and stalks his prey

Original O.G.

Galaxon - Waves his Laser gun and walks

Repro resin model kit

Dr Shriek - Walks and Takes of his Head

Repro Resin model kit

Willy Weird Wolf - Claws and Stalks

Repro resin model kit

Hairy Harry - Swings his Club and walks

and Robot, an exclusive mold available only at Zayre a now defunct department store

Now as you've probably guessed these things are RARE and EXPENSIVE, finding any information on them is difficult but if I've peaked your interest then make your way to the Facebook fan page for the Motorized Monster Maker (it's where most of my pics came from for the article) and if you want the cheaper (but not by much) repro resin models then make your way to Monsters In Motion.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Dark Shadows Trailer

I'm digging it, a little funnier then I would have thought but I'm digging it

Location:Dark Shadows Trailer

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Willy Wonka telling it like it is

Fantastic, I'd pay good money to see Gene Wilder do this live

Monday, March 5, 2012

Superman vs The Hulk

Good Lord watch this fan made short, this guy will go on to something big...

Remembering Frankenstein Jr

To long time readers of this blog, you know I have an unnatural love of monsters and cartoons so when you combine the two I'm there in a heartbeat. The focus of this post though is Hanna-Barbera's classic Frankenstein Jr.

Premiering on September 10, 1966 the cartoon was part of the then current Hanna-Barbera formula of pairing two cartoons together on a single show and in this case the other cartoon was a humorous superhero show called the Impossibles. Frankenstein Jr told the story of boy genius Buzz Conroy and his super robot creation Frankenstein Jr as they protected Civic city from all manner of villainous plots.

Critics have compared the cartoon the Japanese cartoon Gigantor, also about a boy and his giant robot and there are many similarities however Gigantor doesn't speak with the fantastic voice of TV's Lurch Ted Cassidy  or wear a stylish mask so take that Testujin 28.

1 The Shocking Electrical Monster Dr. Shock uses his Master Mix Monster Machine to turn his assistant Igor into an electricity-absorbing monster.

2 The Spyder Man Professor Conroy and Buzz unveil the blueprints for the Spy Detector XK-00-7 at a Maximum Security Building. Unfortunately, the blueprints are targeted by Spyder Man.
3 Menace from the Wax Museum Upon an encounter with Buzz at the wax museum, Mr. Menace uses his monsters Gadzonka, Gorillis, and Cyclaws in an attack upon San Francisco.

4 Alien Brain from Outer Space Part 1 A giant alien brain arrives on Earth and captures Buzz and Professor Conroy.
Alien Brain from Outer Space Part 2 A giant alien brain arrives on Earth and captures Buzz and Professor Conroy
6 UFO: Unidentified Fiendish Object The alien Zargon unleashes his warrior Destructo in his plans to conquer Earth.

7 Unearthly Plant Creatures Plant Man thaws the last three prehistoric plant creatures (consisting of Carnivorous Chewer, Creeping Crusher, and Fire-Breathing Snapdragon) from a glacier and then sprays them with his Obedience Ray in a plot to eliminate Buzz and Frankenstein Jr.

8 Deadly Living Images The Mad Inventor has invented the Double Identity Duplicator Projector to make copies of whatever pictures he inserts in it.

9 Colossal Junk Monster Junk Man creates the Colossal Junk Monster in a plot to eliminate Frankenstein Jr.
10 The Incredible Aqua-Monsters Buzz and Frankenstein Jr. guard the Navy's new Hydrotomic Submarine to prevent Dr. Hook and his aquatic monsters from stealing it.

11 Gigantic Ghastly Genie Zorbo the Great creates a genie and plans to use its three wishes in order to defeat Frankenstein Jr. and conquer the world.

12 The Birdman Birdman and his robotic birds Vulturo, Rodantus, and King Condor abduct two astronauts and holds them for a ransom of $1,000,000.

13 Invasion of the Robot Creatures Sertano the Satellite King, an alien from Galaxy X, uses a gravity ray in order to get Earth to surrender. Buzz and Frankenstein Jr. must defeat Sertano's robots in order to defeat him.

14 The Manchurian Menace Manchurian Menace steals a Space Camera Capsule that has just returned with photos from Mars.

15 The Mad Monster Maker To perform a crimewave in London, Baron Von Ghoul creates robotic versions of horror movie monsters Electroflying Firefly, Menacing Mummy, and the Wicked Werewolf.

16 The Monstermobile The Mad Inventor has invented the Monstermobile and uses its many gadgets to commit crimes.

17 Pilfering Putty Monster Mr. Menace uses his putty monster to steal a $1,000,000 coin collection and even kidnaps Buzz. It is up to Frankenstein Jr. to rescue Buzz and defeat Mr. Menace.
18 The Spooktaculars Dr. Spectro creates three giant ghoulish ghosts in order to take over Penciltrainia.
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