Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Remembering Crispy Creature Crunch

I'm old enough to remember Fruit Brute cereal, there I said it. The almost forgotten monster cereal that featured the mufti fruit cereal and the cartoon werewolf with the colorful suspenders. Hey I still had my Fruit Brute secret compartment ring up until a few years ago. I'm sure there are quite a few others out there that remember him, he shows up in google searches and in the recent bobble heads but how many remember the regionally tested Crispy Creature Crunch?

A rare advertising image of the Crispy Creature
Crispy Creature Crunch was a test by General Mills in the north eastern United States in the mid to late 70's and could, to my knowledge, only be found at Stop and Shop supermarkets. The cereal was a vanilla flavored cereal with lily pad shaped marshmallows that were coated with a green sugar that when milk was added would dissolve and turn the milk green. The marketing department at General Mills created a cartoon sea creature to be the face of the cereal. Called "The Creature from the Bowl n' Spoon" in the comic on the back of the box where he interacted with Franken Berry, Count Chocula and Boo Berry. The Creature in the comic was depicted as the lazy eyed denizen of a green swamp outside the castle inhabited by the main three cereal monster characters.

Since the cereal was a regional test there was unfortunately no animated commercial to showcase the character however inside information and notes on the character design sheet list him as to have spoken with a voice similar to Rat Packer Dean Martin, making him truly a lounge lizard...sorry bad pun.

The cereal sadly was not a spectacular seller, it may be that the advertising campaign was lacking, virtually no advertising materials can be found, it can be that the cereal was tested in the dead of winter whereas a test in the fall when kids would be sitting down to the new season of Saturday morning cartoons or summer, when kids were off from school and cereal could be munched any time of the lazy day would have given a better market test. It could be that the cereal was sold only in one chain, and not a very popular one at the time, but I think the main reason was no one wanted to eat a cereal that turned their milk a sickly green color. The sugar was supposed to create a dark green color but only succeeded in making the milk a spoiled looking green that was visually unpleasant.

As a result of the poor sales the cereal was shelved along with the few other failed monster spokesmen like the Fruit Phantom and the Bride of Franken Berry. Although he did see another online test run in recent years as a nostalgia gimmick it is doubtful the Crispy Creature will ever rise from the Bowl n' Spoon lagoon again.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Come back to my childhood with me a minute

I could always relate to Freddy's taste in food and films, even if he was a coward.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Godzilla: All Monsters Attack! The cartoon that never was

Artist Matt Frank posted a link to an article over at Toho Kingdom about an artist posting art and detailed information on a proposed Godzilla cartoon, a humorous superhero series based around the heroic Godzilla of the 60's and 70's  but with elements of the 90's and millennium series mixed in and done in a Transformers Animated style, it's not a real show but man I wish it was, check this out...

In a world ravaged by giant beasts and evil aliens, Earth's greatest defender is Godzilla, King of the Monsters the restless protector of man and land alike. Using an array of martial arts, and a mastery of atomic power, the stormin' saurian roams the world helping those in need wherever they may be. But he's not along in his fight. Pursued and monitored by the crew of the Douglas Gordon (voiced by Don Frye), Godzilla finds himself a man-made ally in the mighty flying battleship Gotengo and its squadron of Mogera-jets.

Along the way, Godzilla also teams up with other monsters allies in his efforts to fight crime. Among them are Anguirus, his best friend and burly enforcer, Rodan, his uneasy rival and respected ally, Mothra, his moral foil, Junior his adopted son, and Jet Jaguar, the living robot with a style all his own.

With all these allies, can Godzilla hope to defeat Doctor Mafune and his army of remote controlled monsters? Just what is the secret weapon of Doctor Dorat? Can Captain Gordan hope to overcome the forces of Red Bamboo? Find out on Godzilla: All Monsters Attack!

"The monsters don't talk, but they gesture and have mannerisms like humans. Every now and then you'd get hints that they're smarter than they're letting on, but it's all played for laughs. You'd see things like a basketball hoop in the back of Godzilla's lair for a shot, or Anguirus briefly wearing a scarf in colder weather.

Sometimes they'll do things like sitting just outside the window of a building on Monster Island just staring at people walking through the halls. It bugs the hell out of the staff.

Godzilla would act siginificantly smarter

 than most monsters, kicking Anguirus into bad guys like a ball, or grabbing Rodan out of nowhere and throwing him like a boomerang.

The idea being that this is a lighter incarnation of Godzilla, you'd be seeing them egage in more cartoonish actions.

Jet Jaguar can't talk, but everybody seems to get what he's 'saying.'"

No one's quite sure where he came from or why he does what he does, but ever since he defeated the monstrous King Ghidorah, Godzilla has held up his title of King of the Monsters.

Originally thought to be a mindless beast, decades of study have shown Godzilla to be a very smart creature, able to use cognitive skills to gain the upper hand on his opponents.

His mouth based atomic ray can be fired with incredible control and precision, once bouncing it off a satellite dish to hit a monster in the back sending it flying into a clothesline he delivered.

No one is quite sure where Godzilla learned his "martial arts," only that he's been known to parrot moves commonly featured in everything from Jujitsu to Boxing.

Outside from his makeshift pack of monster allies, Godzilla seems to have an emotional attachment to Junior, his adoptive son, though not from the same species as Godzilla, the King took a liking to the little thing and raised it into adulthood on a steady diet of fish and G-radiation.

As to why it is that Godzilla seems so determined to ward off monster threats, no one is sure. Some believe he's a beast simply protecting his territory. Other believe he's an alien raised on Earth expressing his gratitude to his adoptive home world. Whatever the case, as long as Godzilla stands in the way of the end of the world, the earth is in safe hands-er, claws.

To say Rodan is a jerk would be like saying the Pacific Ocean is wet. Rodan is a good flyer. He's the best flyer. And it's very important to him that everyone else knows this.

Despite his massive size, Rodan is one of the fastest monsters on Earth. Presently, he's the only planet born creature capable of attaining escape velocity.

He uses his powerful wings to generate massive tornado blasts and sonic booms. Rodan's body takes in heat like a sponge; he can sustain a seemingly limitless amount which leads him to be able to fly for days on end.

Despite this, he is extremely jealous of Godzilla's fire breath and has tried through many failed attempts to acquire his own powers.

He's okay with Godzilla, but that's all. He recognizes the king's dominance over him and will do his bidding. But he won't enjoy it.

Rodan likes to perch on Anguirus' back when not working, Anguirus doesn't seem to mind.

He is the loneliest monster. While Godzilla has a son, and Mothra her twins, even Anguirus has his darling niece, Rodan is the last of his kind and all alone in the world. Perhaps that's the reason he's remained so loyal to Godzilla and his crew, to feel like he belongs somewhere.

A gentle giant most of the time, the more arrogant monsters forget why it is that Anguirus is the oldest living thing on the planet.

He's spent eons fighting and digging, his impenetrable hide has kept him going through more than a few scrapes.

As far as monsters go, you won't find one more determined and loyal than Anguirus. That's probably why, after their first tussle, he and Godzilla have been the best of friends. Taking advantage of his ability to roll into a ball, they are a formidable tag team with a nearly spotless fight record. Victories are often won by Godzilla's propensity to smash his pal into their enemies like volleyball, or swing him by his tail like a giant roaring mace.

Angiurus' loyalty to his friend is only trumped by his over protective nature to his niece, Angilass.

This soldier may be old, but he's got more fire in his heart than the cockiest green horn.

Jet Jaguar
Unlike most super advanced robots that develop an independent mind, Jet Jaguar came to life deciding to become a hero.

With a catalogue of various fighting styles at his disposal, Jet Jaguar is the second greatest martial artist on Earth, rivaled only by Godzilla (3rd) and King Ceasar (1st).

His greatest weapon however, is his ability to change size which allows him to befriend human and monster alike.

Since his "birth" Jet Jaguar has continued serving as one of the world's greatest heroes, proving that this Tin Man has the biggest heart of all.

There was a time when Godzilla wasn’t Earth’s protector. For the longest time, he was a rage filled engine of destruction, until he was confronted by the mysterious resident insect of Infant Island. Mysterious energies rained from her wings onto the King of the Monsters, soothing the atomic fires that were burning him inside out. From that day on, Mothra has been a moral compass to Godzilla, and any other monster that would have her.

Able to emit lightning like energy rays from her eyes, and paralyzing energy discharges from her wings, Mothra rivals Godzilla himself in terms of ranged fire power, probably to make up for her rather delicate frame. If she finds herself mortally wounded, she can shed her skin and revert back to her larval form, and must cocoon herself for a few hours before she can return to the skies. Mothra’s wings also emit healing beams of light that can mend almost any wound, on human or monster.

Apart from Godzilla, she is very amiable with practically every monster on Monster Island. On the other side of the coin is her associate, Battra, a black and purple moth that recklessly rips through cities and people in an effort to rid the world of invasive monsters. Mothra hopes to one day show her old friend the error of his ways.

Capt. Gordon
Every bit as mysterious as the creatures he fights, the stoic and reserved captain of the Gotengo makes sure the good monsters get where they need to go.

A skilled swordsman in his own right, Captain Gordon can take care of the smaller, more human sized, threats our heroes face with relative ease.

He doesn’t hate the monsters; on the contrary, he considers them an invaluable asset in protecting the world from the harmful entities that threaten it. If the day ever comes that Godzilla and company are no longer needed to defend the world, Gordon will be there right alongside them and spend his days living in peace on Monster Island.

An abandoned egg rolled out of the volcano on Monster Island and into the lap of Godzilla. What hatched out of it was a little blue and grey monster that followed Godzilla like a shadow. Over time Godzilla came to grow fond of the little tyke. He taught the creature how to fight, and how to trick humans into giving them more food.

As Junior, as everyone came to call him, grew, he absorbed the excess radiation given off of Godzilla, mutating him into a similar, though not quite as bulky form. Not as strong as his dad, Junior is incredibly fast and agile, able to move with a stealthy grace through massive city blocks undetected.

Junior can breathe a green erratic fire from his mouth; originally he could only manage to puff out radioactive smoke rings.

Some years ago, Godzilla Junior left for the East Coast of North America, where he and his handler, Dr. Nico Tautopolus handle the various monsters and mutates in the Atlantic, while Godzilla senior and crew handle the Pacific. Don’t call him Minilla, he doesn’t like that.

King Ceasar
It’s not so much that King Ceasar is a master of Martial Arts as it is that he’s the progenitor of structured combat. When man was young and monsters were old, it was observing the graceful movements of the benevolent lion defender that mankind first learned to take stances.

His vast arsenal of holds and throws and kicks and punches allow him to take down even the most tenacious monsters in the world. Chi focused through the jewel on his head can burn through the toughest of hides and metals.

He took great interest in a certain fire breathing dinosaur, after playfully trouncing him encounter after encounter; he realized that the saurian was far too stubborn to admit defeat. Observing how Godzilla diligently defended Earth against the great and bizarre monsters that threatened it, Ceasar began to reveal his secrets of fighting to the King of the Monsters. They’ve been good friends ever since.

He shares a fierce, but friendly rivalry with Jet Jaguar. The two often engage in pose offs and competition of any kind to prove one is the superior. Though he prefers to wander the world alone, when danger looms he’s always ready to stand with his best student.

Zone Fighter
Sometime in the late 70’s, Godzilla and Jet Jaguar were abducted by aliens from the far end of the universe. Escaping their bonds, the duo started their long journey to Earth, which led to many hilarious and heartwarming adventures.

Along the way, they encountered a strange silver alien who went by the name Zone Fighter. Locked in an eternal conflict with the creatures known as Garoborgs, Zone traveled from planet to planet trying in vain to stop their attempts at universal conquest. Years earlier, the Garoborgs had completely wiped out Zone’s race and family. He was the last of his kind, and his rage was completely ineffective against the Garoborg menace... until Jet Jaguar taught him how to grow into a giant. The trio carved a swath through the Garoborgs, wiping out their generals, and their king just as he was about to unleash the empire on Earth.

In 1985, Godzilla and Jet Jaguar returned to Earth, with their new friend to accompany them. Zone Fighter spends his days monitoring Earth from orbit, when he’s not secluded in his moon fortress. It’s funny though, for so many years he was devoted to a cause he was ready to die for, and at the end of it, he found a world he was willing to live for.

Reverse Engineered from the Mysterian super weapon of the same name, Mogeras are the eyes and ears of Monster Island. Piloted by two man teams, these burly weapons keep the more unruly monsters in line, as well as serve as the first line of defence during monster attacks.

Mogeras come in several flavors. Drill armed Mogeras strike a balance between melee and ranged offense with beam firing mega drills. There are also Saber Mogeras, Gunner Mogeras, and for dessert based combat, Mogera Cooler Ranch.

Gigan and Megalon
The Nebulan Space hunters poured all their resources into developing a pair of cyborg enforcers. But they ran out of funds half way through and began lending them out to various organizations throughout the universe to pay for their dues. Gigan and Megalon are armed to the teeth with blades, bludgeons, beams and everything in between. But there isn’t enough brain power between them to formulate kool aid.

Because they’ve known each other for so long, the duo has an unbreakable bond of camaraderie, and if one gets into trouble, the other follows without a second thought. And they get in trouble. Whether they’re hired muscle or hired hands, and time and again Godzilla and company hand them their tails.

And though they often get a tough break, as long as they have each other, you just can’t break ‘em.

It takes a monster to beat a monster, that was the mindset that led to the creation of MechaGodzilla.

The Simians took great offense the G-Force Weapon known as Mechanikong. How dare those damned dirty humans use their hero in effigy to push back their own invading forces? The black hole planet of apes decided two can play this game and began to develop MechaGodzilla.

Armed to the teeth with lasers grenades, saws and force fields, MechaGodzilla can wipe out a planet in a matter of days. A hatred for all monster kind is etched deep into its core programming. A special place for Godzilla resides in its chest, where it plans to house his atomic heart once it rips it out of the King of the Monster’s chest.

A freak encounter with a space crystal storm altered MechaGodzilla’s programming somewhat... The machine was endowed with a degree of self awareness. Naturally its hatred of monsters has now permeated into hatred for all organic life. Time and again, it finds itself prone at the feet of Godzilla and his brood. Contemplating amongst the rubble of its freshly exterminated home planet, MechaGodzilla begins to think... it takes a monster to beat a monster; it takes an army to beat an army...

When the people of a seaside town began to grow bulbous red tumors en mass, authorities were getting concerned of an impending epidemic. What they got was much worse.

Destroyah is hungry. And nothing less than eating living creature will satiate him. His appearance deceives a writhing mass of trillions of aphid-sized crustaceans, controlled by a hive mind. These little microbes secrete a chemical spray that can dissolve any carbon based life it comes into contact with. The force of a billion of these little creatures’ digesting processes can be sprayed out of his mouth in a constant powerful stream, or released from his chest in an enormous explosion. The horn on his head radiates with enough heat to cut through steel.

Destroyah can regenerate wounds almost as fast as Godzilla by budding more microbes to replace the ones blown off his body. It can also separate these little tumors of crab into fully functioning scouts and henchmen.

Destroyah can be anywhere, in any shape, but one thing never changes: his appetite.

At one time, Orga was the most notorious, and handsome pirate in the known galaxy. His body was composed of a malleable substance that could be altered by a processing hub in his ship, allowing him to adapt to any situation. On run from the Zone Fighters, Orga made his way to Earth... and ran straight into Godzilla.

Pound for pound Orga was able to match Godzilla in combat, constantly shifting his mass into a form to counter any move. It looked like he was about to win... until Godzilla destroyed his ship.

Now Orga is stranded on Earth, trapped in a clumsy and hideous form. Still, his mind remains intact, and has begun selling his secrets of alien tech to terrorists like The Red Bamboo in order to attain the materials he needs to finally get off this rock... he just hopes he can escape before Emperor Ghidorah comes looking for revenge.

Some monsters are good. Some are bad. Baragon does his own thing. This pudgy little guy isn’t the biggest or the toughest creature, but his burrowing and fire breathing were enough trouble to get him sent to Monster Island.

Now he spends his days wandering about and exploring. Godzilla doesn’t like him because he dug holes all over his cave. Anguirus doesn’t like him because he keeps chewing on his tail club. Mothra doesn’t like him because he follows her everywhere. Rodan likes him because he enjoys how much the mutt irritates his friends.

Whatever’s going on in his head is a mystery, but it’s probably not a very complex one.

Poor Titanosaurus never wanted this life. If it isn’t the Red Bamboo poking his brain with sonar commands, it’s the Kilaaks using high frequency pulses to alter his brain, or Planet X using magnets to control his body against his will, or anything else really, his super senses that were meant to be used to scavenge the seabed for food make him uniquely vulnerable to remote control.

A powerful swimmer, faster than Godzilla, Titanosaurus can cross the globe in a matter of minutes. His super strong tail can generate cyclones, and his high pressure acclimated body makes him impossible to harm. Maybe someday he won’t have to do somebody’s bidding. But for now, it would be enough to just be alone.

A terrifying visage betrays the gentle and motherly care taker of Monster Island. Dwarfing other monsters in size, Biollante is responsible for maintaining the ecosystem that allows the Island to house so many species of giant creatures. She can extend her vines into any part of the globe that requires G-Force intervention, and is often capable of reducing damages caused by Godzilla’s opponents, and holding them until the Gotengo can transport them to Monster Island.

There is a legend that when 7 special artifacts are gathered together, they will summon a magical dragon that will grant its master’s wish. That dragon is not Manda, and he would really like it if people would stop mistaking him for the other guy.

Manda enjoys swimming the shorelines of Monster Island, electrocuting the hapless whales that get in his way. Mostly secluded, Manda is fond of Anguirus and King Caesar, being that the 3 of them are the oldest monsters alive.

When not being a jerk to the local sea life, Manda likes to lay on top of his favorite rock with Baragon, granting the little red monster’s wishes. He just doesn’t like to grant them for most everybody else.

Maine is a terrible place to live. Killer clowns and haunted cars aside, an eerie mist permeated the landscape for several weeks. When Godzilla and company entered the fog, they discovered a host of virulent giant insects harassing the townspeople. In the dead center of the fog rested Megagurius the virulent mutant dragonfly controlling all these creatures. It took Godzilla and Anguirus everything they had to bring her down, but not before her plasma stinger stole Godzilla’s fire powers and Anguirus’ armored hide.

Most monsters, after defeat are sent to live on Monster Island, free from invasive traffic, and given steady food to keep them happy. But bad, really bad monsters like Megagurius are sent to Ice Station X. Presently she remains freeze dried and in suspended animation deep in the sub levels of the prison, but if she ever escapes, she’ll have a veritable buffet of mutant powers to copy.

Varan the Unbelievable was, for many years, one of the most popular acts in the Tsuburaya Six Ring Circus, but as the years went on, the act grew stale. Soon enough, people stopped coming, and the manager couldn’t afford to take care of his favorite act forever. He’d heard about Monster Island, where giants are sent to be rehabilitated if they’re caught smashing through a city. The manager concocted a brilliant plan, the problem was, another monster had beaten him to the punch. There was Godzilla, fighting some amorphous grey blob thing. Varan would only get hurt. It was then that he realized that there were still a lot of people in danger in the area, acting quickly; he had Varan carry as many people as he could to safety. Casualties were below the average that day, Captain Gordon was so impressed, Varan found himself a full fledged member of the Monster Island team, now acting as a first responder for search and rescue missions.

Gabara is a unique case on Monster Island. An insufferable jerk, Gabara irritates the residents of Monster Island, in ways only Rodan can dream of, but at the same time, prison life would DESTROY him.

Caught causing rolling blackouts through several major cities, Gabara quickly became the “favorite” amongst the monsters on Monster Island. Favorite in this regard refers to his status as the local punching bag.

The smog layer that blanketed Los Angeles had enough. A bizarre concoction of chemicals made their way into the air, and within moments a swirling cloud of pollution concentrated into the hideous monster Hedorah. The murky beast began swallowing humans left and right, spewing odorous toxic sludge from its folds. Thankfully, Godzilla’s atomic powers were enough to clear the pollutants, though some would read too much into it.

What’s worse that people thinking you’re Godzilla? Godzilla’s enemies thinking you’re Godzilla. Gorosaurus knows this all too well. Every other day has been mad scientist after radioactive gorilla trying to kill him over a case of mistaken Identity. Thank goodness his powerful legs were more than enough to hold them back while he escapes. Now that he lives on Monster Island, life’s become a little easier. At least he’s not stuck with those backwater hicks on Isla Sorna anymore.

Kamoebas can’t fly, they can’t breathe fire, and they can’t do gymnastics. But there are lots of them. In fact, Monster Island is the only known habitat of naturally occurring giant snapping turtles. They’re quite handy. The staff on Monster Island uses them for everything from manual labor to soup. And the monsters use them for everything from soup to wave boarding. Specially bred Kamoebas have distinctive markings on their heads. Blues are alpha turtles and commonly lead their packs. Purples are known to be adept at machine labor. Reds are excellent guards, if unfriendly. Oranges tend to be more aloof and silly. King Ceasar keeps four of them as pets, and tries to teach them the disciplines of the martial arts.

Mothra’s abrasive foil has no love for humans, only the Earth. Battra is single minded in his quest to rid the world of monsters, and he won’t let anything get in his way, not humans, not Godzilla, not even the butterfly creature he once called friend.

Like Mothra, Battra can fire bolts of magic energy out of his eyes; his laser wings allow him to be something of a flying sword in aerial combat. Battra isn’t evil, but he is misguided. He’s yet to realize, as Mothra once did, that monsters and mankind alike are as much a part of nature as the trees and animals he wants to protect. Maybe someday he’ll realize that.

MechaGodzilla 2
The evil MechaGodzilla led an attack on Monster Island. Taking over the command hub, he planned to use G-Force technology to build a new body. Fortunately, our heroes were able to stop him from loading his consciousness into the new powerful frame. Now G-Force has control of the titanic monolith, though surprisingly, not for its vast array of weaponry, but its uncanny resemblance to Godzilla, which it uses to bring the dumber monsters into submission.

King Kong
One of the most cunning and tough monsters in the world was once the king of Skull Island. A terrible incident in 1930’s New York almost saw to the death of the 8th Wonder of the World, until Frankenstein’s research laboratories were barely able to save him. Replacing his heart with an artificial electric engine, Kong survived. Frankenstein over saw his rehabilitation on Monster Island, observing the simian growing 3 times its original size over 20 years. Coupled with his new talent to surge bolts of lightning from his fingers, Kong became the first in a long line of monster protectors, disarming rampaging behemoths.

In the 1950’s a powerful new threat emerged. An atomic dinosaur sighted in Tokyo caused havoc and destruction where ever it landed. It wasn’t long before this creature crossed paths with King Kong. The lizard and the ape locked into an explosive battle, atomic breath was met with lightning fist, ape agility met with reptile power, blinding rage came against brilliant strategy. It wasn’t until the intervention of Mothra, using her healing spores on the two creatures that they settled. A truce was called, for their greatest foe was on the horizon... King Ghidorah was coming to Earth!

King Ghidorah
There are close to 1,000 Ghidorahs roaming the universe, causing panic and chaos where ever they go. In the 1960’s the creature known as King Ghidorah came to Earth desperate to feed its humongous Emperor. But what it was met with was the combined forces of Godzilla, Anguirus, Rodan, King Kong, and Mothra. Five monsters gathered together in a desperate attempt to save the Earth. Their battle was long and arduous. Soon enough Rodan and Anguirus were felled by the 3 headed dragon’s gravity bolts. Soon Mothra fell as well. It came down to Kong and Godzilla to hold the line against a planet destroying juggernaut. When all seemed lost, fire rained down on the golden beast. The armies of the world had come their monsters’ aid. The battle raged on, man and monster fought together against the indomitable threat. In one last manic attempt to end the beast, Doctor Serizawa climbed his way onto King Ghidorah’s center head, raising his specialized Oxygen Destroyer bomb. To this day, no one knows why, but Godzilla seemed to understand what the Doctor wanted. Firing his atomic beam at Ghidorah’s center head, the Oxygen Destroyer detonated, reducing the doctor; and King Ghidorah to bones.

In many ways, King Ghidorah saved the world that day, because a grateful and loyal Godzilla looked at humanity in a more favorable light. From that moment on The King of the Monsters, and his bizarre monster brood became the world, and civilizations most fervent protectors.

Emperor Ghidorah
How can one monster be responsible for so much grief in the universe? How can a single creature inspire so much terror in the universe? It’s quite simple, there isn’t one King Ghidorah. There are a lot of them. And the biggest and meanest of all of them is Emperor Ghidorah. Rising from the deepest pit of the blackest hole, the Emperor feeds on the psychic anguish and terror that it can cause in its wake, forcing its weaker brethren across the universe to sustain its insatiable hunger by committing horrible acts, the one weakness the creature has is its boundless lethargy keeps it from getting too involved in panic spreading anymore.

The Emperor fires a continuous stream of gravity bolts from its mouths that can rend tectonic plates from the very ground they’re settled in. Its massive wings can push its equally massive body onto a planet with the force of a large meteor, that is, if it doesn’t just decide to propel a hapless world into its sun and feed on the inescapable dread as its native’s burn alive.

But something has troubled the mighty and fearsome beast. One of its agents, a Ghidorah it directed towards the Milky way hasn’t returned with his psychic meal. In fact, it could have sworn its subordinate sent out a plea for help before its life was snuffed out. Very few things can stir the emperor from its dead sun throne. But if a planet can be this tenacious... just imagine how delicious it will be to finally break them himself... 

Family is important to monsters. Godzilla taught his son everything he knows. Mothra grooms her twins to someday replace her. Anguirus is overprotective of his niece. And Gigan’s brother hates his guys. The younger, smarter, taller and more successful brother of the cyborg duo, Gaigun has been in a one sided competition with his brother since they were hatchlings. Gigan got sword implants, Gaigun got chainsaws. Gigan became a hired thug, Gaigun became the top monster mercenary in the field. Time after time, Gaigun sets out to prove he’s better than his failure of a brother, if only to rub it in his face.

To say that Anguirus is the oldest living on the planet is not technically accurate. He’s the oldest living thing on the planet by 4 minutes. When Anguirus left his herd to explore the world, his twin brother Anger-russ led their people to the center of the Earth to escape extinction. One misguided adventure to the planet’s core many years later, Anguirus discovered his brother was still alive. And after fighting off the mole people, asked if he could take his young and impressionable daughter with him to the surface. Angilass is like any other girl Angilosaur, she’s surly, belligerent and can take a hydrogen bomb to the face without so much as shrugging. So of course, Anguirus is very protective of his sweet little girl.

Miki Saegusa
Some people are just made for the job. Miki Saegusa has lived on Monster Island since she was a baby. Now that she’s all grown up she’s G-Force’s top handler and dispatcher when it comes to combating monster threats. While Dr. Jaguar and Dr. Raymond are well liked by the residents of Monster Island, Miki has a way with them that makes her amiable to all of them. Godzilla in particular has a fondness for her, he’s known her since she was little and empty nest hits extremely hard when you’re 50 meters tall. Miki is the first on scene when a new monster attack occurs and it isn’t long after when Godzilla will come crashing down to lend a hand.

Doctor Frankenstein
The Age of Monsters did not begin with the Atomic bomb, but with a bolt of lightning. Sometime in the late 18th century, a pioneer scientist by the name of Victor Frankenstein created a monstrous humanoid beast. Driven to rage by the horror of his own birth, the creature spent the rest of Victor Frankenstein’s life harassing and haunting him. But the day came that the good doctor died, and the creature felt a sense of remorse for its terrible deeds. Wandering the world for many years, the creature became something of an urban legend, and eventually a worldwide hero. Seeing fit to spend his life helping the innocent, to amend for the crimes it committed on its creator. The monster took on the name Frankenstein and dedicated his life to the pursuit of justice and science, like his creator. Frankenstein came to understand his body had contained fantastic powers he had not been aware of for centuries, the ability to generate electricity, the power to regenerate from any wound, even the power to grow to enormous size. It was at the dawn of the 20th century, that Frankenstein found his calling. Gigantic beasts like the Beast From 20,000 Fathoms, the Arctic Giant, giant octopi and titanic gorillas began to run rampant through civilization. But while humanity wanted to eliminate these beasts, Frankenstein had other plans. He believed that the key to advancing civilization lied in containing and studying these monsters. He built the research base known as Monster Island to hold these colossal beasts where they could live peacefully while he observed their habits and abilities. Because of his accomplishments, Frankenstein has helped conquer the world against the forces of evil.

Glenn and Fugi
Expelled from the space program for “causing too many explosions” Glenn and Fuji have since found a new vocation as the top Mogera pilots in G-Force. Glenn’s impulsive and smarmy attitude provides a counter to Fuij’s reserved and straight laced demeanor. Together, the duo pilot Maser Mogera, and are the top ranking (in skill and collateral damage) pilots in Captain Gordon’s fleet.

Steve and Martin
teven Raymond and Martin Burrbinski have the toughest job on Monster Island: keeping it running.

Steve is a caretaker for the various monsters on the island; his doctorate in mega-biology makes him Earth’s leading expert on monster behavior. He makes sure the monsters have enough space, food and addresses health issues when they arise.

Martin is the chief mechanic, he makes sure all the force fields are up and running, that the holo grids aren’t glitching, and that the toilets aren’t backing up.

They drive around the island in Martin’s pickup, Old Ironside. Generally, they are on good terms with all the monsters. Except Rodan, because he’s a jerk. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Godzilla Tokyo Vinyl

With all the cool stuff coming out of Toy Fair this week, these little gems seem to have been lost in the shuffle...

pics from Figures.com

League of Extraordinary Bloggers - Hollywood Memorabelia

Well the first League group posting was a big success, we have Cool and Collected to thank for that. If your not familiar with the League go check it our here, I'll wait...

Back? Okay, this week's topic:

You have an unlimited budget and space is not a problem. What piece of Hollywood memorabilia would you want hanging around in your batcave?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what would I want? Grandpa's Lab from the Munsters? The Tim Burton Batmobile? To move into the Addam's Family's house?

Let's see....Grandpa's lab... ya'd have to completely renovate my house...add a sub basement and they would just be messy, let alone the fact that it would piss off the townhouse association ( shoulda heard 'em yell when I tried to dig out a secret underground lair in my backyard...buncha babies) so that's out.

The Batmobile, chicks dig the car... of course that'd piss of Mrs. Fink to no end. And that thing is basically a one seater, sure Vicky Vale got in it to but c'mon, the Batmobile with it's corvette inspired manliness is a single man's car and I'm a family Fink, so that's out.

The Addam's Family house... boy that would be sumthin'  course I'd have to move...  naw that's out.

So what would it be? No budget....   anything I want....

All I want is a piece of paper....


that's it....

of course printed on that paper is the legal contract signing over all rights to do so what I wish with the intellectual property hereby designated as the entire stable of Universal Monsters. 

yes... you read that right... I want total control over every aspect of the Universal Monsters, licensing approvals, movie deals, television rights....everything...they are mine....

Tell ya what, Monster Cafe's would be in major cities.... new movies would get made.... a Universal Monster Fighting Game.... there would be merchandise in the FRIGGIN UNIVERSAL STUDIOS THEME PARKS...  

Well that's what I want...  here some of the Fink's friends want lists

Matt Can Draw (Time Bandits)

Now ya'll excuse me, I'm gonna go start the script for House of the Creature

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Big Frankie - Aurora to Mezco

Let me regale you with the tale of Big Frankie.

Originally designed to be a toy, the manufacturer Aurora got cold feet and released the figure as a model instead. The fact that the sculpt was more of a caricature then a realistic version of Boris Karloff as the Monster made it less appealing to the kids that were buying the extremely successful line of monster models the company made. That and his price tag being five times that of the regular models resulted in poor sales and a short run. This results in the model being highly sought after by collectors.

This brings us to Moebius Models and their re-release of the model. The kit is beautiful and comes in a Glow in the Dark version as well, but carries a price tag of $109.99.....too much for this here Fink.

Now we have Mezco and their upcoming Giant Frankenstein. for all I know that could be the name but I'm calling him Big Frankie and he's gonna have a home here at casa de Fink as soon as he hits the market.
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