Friday, January 27, 2012

New Mego style KISS figures on the way

Figures Toy Company has announced new KISS figures in the same style as the the 1970's Mego dolls. The figures will be available in World's Greatest Heroes 8 inch scale and in 12 inch scale as the original figures were. Back when I was a young fink my brothers has the original dolls and I wasn't allowed anywhere near them, shoe will be on the other foot this time. Check out the pictures below.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Frankenstein by Night goes live...

The webcomic version of my "Ode to 1970's Monster heroes" starts now over on Ink Outbreak, go check it out leave comments, like it and make me feel good about myself....

I get so depressed

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Lego Monsters on the Way **UPDATE**

Reports out of the UK Toyfair state a new monster-centric Lego line is coming this year but reports are mixed as to wether this is a Universal Monster official line or a line inspired by the famous monsters called Lego Monster Hunters. Either way I'll be buying them....and the Lego Hulk.

We now have confirmation that it is Lego Monster Fighters Nd we have video of the line

The Munsters are a Family Again

Diamond Select has announced a two pack to be released this summer of Eddie and Marilyn Munster to complete the first family of fright. Eddie is based of the likeness of young Butch Patrick and Marilyn off of Pat Priest. Eddie comes with his toy "Woof Woof" and Marilyn with a collar for the family pet Spot. I'm still hoping for a staircase with Spot tail to be released.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Avengers Movie Toys!

 We've got our first look at the toys based on the upcoming Avengers movie.

The Avengers action figures will be released in both 3 3/4" scale (Marvel Universe scale) and also in scale for the returning Marvel Legends line. Super Hero Squad will see Avengers movie figures as well. Over 15 different figures are planned for The Avengers 3 3/4" line, however Hasbro has many more within Marvel Universe, as well as figures at other scales within the Avengers line. Like the Captain America line the Avengers line will be mostly movie related characters but expect some "comic" characters in the line for die hard fans. (Vision, Black Panther, Wonder Man, Ant Man, Wasp more then likely)

Also we're getting vehicles  - Stark Tech Battle Vehicles, Avengers' Quinjets and a 3 foot Shield Helicarrier

Bigfoot and Wildboy: Birth of the Titan

Gather round the computer screen kiddies, ol' Monsterfink is gonna tell ya about growing up in the 1970's. Back in the time before computers were on every desk and in your phone there was a cultural phenomenon where the strange and the unusual took center stage. We had shows like "In Search Of..." and "Project: Blue Book" on the television and the stores were full of Easter Island Moa heads and Bigfoot merchandise. Lets take a closer look at Bigfoot...

We're gonna start off with Sid and Marty Kroft's Bigfoot and Wildboy. Basically this show as a Weekly World News Tabloid come to life, I you boy is orphaned in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest (?) and is found by the Bigfoot. Bigfoot raises the boy as his own and the two fight various monsters, aliens and super villains. Apparently the Kroft brothers really like the Bionic Bigfoot from the Six Million Dollar Man show as their Bigfoot has similar "bionic" noises when he lifts heavy object, runs in slow motion and super leaps. Here see for yourself as Bigfoot and Wildboy face off against a dime store Hulk -

Friday, January 13, 2012

Hostess Comic Book Ads

Recent news of the Hostess company, maker of Fruit pies and Twinkies had me pull out my old Watchamacallit Comic ad parodies and whip up a new one. They're a bit NSFW so I'll put em after the break.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Raquel Welch: Space Girl Dance

Not really sure what the hell Raquel was thinking when she made this video...or smoking for that matter. Hey somebody wanna tell me how the hell did the Buggles get in there to dance with her? Ah who cares, just watch it and bask in the 70's-ness of the whole thing.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monster Toys from the Past - Godzilla vs the Tricephalon Monster

In 1978, Godzilla was at his height of popularity, his Hanna Barbera cartoon was on Saturday Mornings, Marvel Comics was publishing his comic and he had joined the ranks of the Shogun Warriors. That Shogun Warrior figure is the piece of american Godzilla merchandise that gets the most attention, but lets not overlook a playset put out by the smaller company HG Toys.
The playset depicted a battle between the King of the Monsters and a three headed aquatic monstrosity named the Tricephalon Monster. Kids (or adults) could enact a massive battle between the two titans in the middle of a major city. The playset included :
the Trcephalon Monster
18 Soldiers
18 Civilians
2 Jeeps
2 Tanks
3 Civilian Vehicles
2 Jet Fighters
1 Ambulance
1 Automobile
1 Police Car
Shell Firing Battle Ship
22" x 28" Diorama
30' x 30" vinyl play sheet
1 Bridge

 I remember finding this in the aisles at Toys R Us back when I was a kid, I was so excited I nearly dropped a brick. Of course my parents got the playset for me and I wore that thing out playing  with it. I had the Godzilla and Tricephalon for years after the rest of the playset went the way of all things, Unfortunately the pair were lost during my move from my parents house to my first apartment but I still have the memories.

And I will reclaim those figures again.....oh yes I will.

Just as an aside, HG Toys made a series of Godzilla puzzles with some killer artwork like the playset box.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Dinosaucers the Cartoon and Toys

 Back in the late 80's (88 -89) I used to start my morning before High School watching a cartoon about alien dinosaurs that came to Earth to check on a colony of their kind that had been sent here centuries ago. The show was a production of DIC called Dinosaucers and followed the adventures of the heroic Dinosaucers -

Allo is an evolved Allosaurus and the leader of the Dinosaucers. Allo is calm, collected and serious. He wears blue and teal armor, a teal helmet, and has brown skin. He has a wife named Vera and a daughter named Alloetta. He is the nephew of the Dinosorceror and Dinosorceress (rulers of Reptilon).

Dimetro is another member of the Dinosaucers and Allo's assistant. Dimetro is the scientist/mechanic of the group. He wears brown and red armor, a blue mask on his head, has aqua green skin and speaks with a slight Scottish accent. Dimetro is an evolved Dimetrodon, which is a synapsid or mammal-like reptile, rather than a dinosaur.

Bronto Thunder is an evolved Apatosaurus. Often considered to be the second-in-command of the Dinosaucers, he usually takes command when Allo is away from Lava Dome. Bronto Thunder has a girlfriend back on Reptilon named Apatty Saurus, and was a "rep" for a ceramic tile shop before he became a Dinosaucer. Physically considered the strongest of the Dinosaucers.

Stego is an evolved Stegosaurus and a rather dim-witted recruit when compared to the rest of the team. He tries to be brave, but is prone to panic attacks and general cowardice. However he often manages to get through this and has come to the rescue of his friends.

Tricero is an evolved Triceratops. He had a history for doing investigative work back on Reptilon, and provides a voice of calm reason. Tricero was a member of the law-enforcing Tricerocops on Reptilon before he became a Dinosaucer. Tricero has a vibrational super power that emanates from his 2 brow horns. He is a mortal enemy to Styraco.

Bonehead is Allo's nephew and, as his name suggests, is not particularly bright. Has a baby brother named Numbskull (Nummy). Mother Bonehilda is a famous scientist, and Allo's sister. Bonehead is an evolved Pachycephalosaurus. He is good natured and innocent, without a doubt the stupidest Dinosaucer, even though he has great combat ability as a Pachycephalosaurus.

Ichy is an evolved Ichthyosaurus, a prehistoric aquatic reptile. He has a pointed beak, a tail with fins or flukes, grey skin and wears green armor. He also wears dark greenflippers on his feet, rather than boots. Ichy (and Plesio) can talk to sea creatures.

Teryx is the only female Dinosaucer. She is an evolved Archaeopteryx. She has white, blue, and salmon-colored plumage and unlike the other Dinosaucers, wears a simple backpack in lieu of armor. Teryx has a crush on Ichy, but fears it won't work out because she is a flying creature, while Ichy is aquatic. Teryx used to be an actress on Reptilon's daytime television before she became a Dinosaucer, but shows other talents and abilities during the course of the show.

in their battles against the villainous Tyrannos - 

Genghis Rex or usually referred to as simply "Rex", is the leader of the Tyrannos, as well as Allo's evil counterpart. He is an evolved Tyrannosaurus, has red skin and wears orange and blue armor. His first name is based on Genghis Khan the famous mongol. Living up to his species' reputation, he is brutal and tyrannical, and has a violent temper. Typically, Rex will insult his compatriots with plays on dinosaur words or names, such as idiot-tops or tail-for-brains, whenever things do not go according to his plans. In exchange, Rex endures being called many flattering and important sounding names by the other Tyrannos, such as Bossasaur and Your Scaliness. As a villain, he tends to be staggeringly inept, always losing to the Dinosaucers in the end.
Genghis Rex had deep feelings for Teryx and even attempted to kidnap and marry her, but she resisted since she was in love with Ichy. Rex also has an equally evil sister residing on Reptilon, named Princess Dei. His name is a reference to Genghis Khan

Ankylo is Genghis Rex's dimwitted, sycophantic assistant and is another member of the Tyrannos. Ankylo bears a resemblance to a warthog and exhibits porcine characteristics, often snorting when he speaks. He wears grey armor, has red skin and has a special weapon called the Anklebuster which creates a chain made out of energy, often used to disable the Dinosaucers. Ankylo is an evolved Ankylosaurus.
Quackpot is an evolved Hadrosaurus. Quackpot is the practical joker of the group, much to the ire of the other Tyrannos. Like Ankylo, Quackpot is red. Quackpot makes a quacking sound like a duck in comparison to his appearance. Quackpot was the star of a children's television show back on Reptilon called Duckbill's Playhouse, under the stage name T.B. Duckbill.

Brachio is an evolved Brachiosaurus. Brachio is the archetypal thug of the gang and is gray. Brachio is the evil counterpart of Bronto Thunder.

Styraco is an evolved Styracosaurus. Styraco is the evil counterpart of Tricero and was formerly a dentist working at the office of Pinchem, Pullem & Yankem before joining Genghis Rex on Earth.

Plesio is an evolved Plesiosaurus, a prehistoric aquatic reptile. Plesio is cunning and shifty, looks like a pink dragon, and is the evil counterpart of Ichy. Like Ichy, Plesio can talk to sea creatures. Plesio used to work for Slither, Slither & Shark, Attorneys at Law on Reptilon before becoming a Tyranno. He once had a romantic relationship with the Loch Ness Monster. He serves as the scientist/inventor of the group.

Terrible Dactyl is the flying member of the Tyrannos and the evil counterpart of Teryx. He speaks with a British accent. He wears a pilot mask, purple armor, and a white scarf and has orange skin. Terrible Dactyl is an evolved Pteranodon.

The Dinosaucers operated out of their base the Lava Dome while the Tyrannos used a base beneath a Tar pit and through 65 episodes the two factions battled with the heroic Dinosaucers having the upper hand thanks to their ability to Dinovolve into the primitive state of the dinosaur they resembled, The Tyrannos did not have this ability but instead were in the possession of Devolver raygun which could force anything shot with it to devolve to their primitive state.
Galoob planned to release a toy line based on the cartoon, going as far as to make prototypes of the 8" figures and the 2" figures with vehicles and a Lava Dome playset to show at the '87 and '88 toy fair. The line was never produced but the molds were sold to a Brazillian toy company that made knock off toys of the line.

Unproduced 8" Figures


Bronto Thunder

Genghis Rex




Bone Head


2" Figures and Ships


 Lava Dome Playset

All in all it was a good 80's cartoon and those toys would have looked sweet on the shelf, if only they had been produced.
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