Monday, July 25, 2011

A voice ain't easy

it'll be reanimated, by someone who knows what they are doing with this voice

and yes that is me still doing the voice

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I'm a huge Godzilla fan, have been since I was five and saw my first Godzilla movie on the 4:30 movie on ABC. That being said I also had a soft spot in my black heart for England's entry into the giant monster movie genre, Gorgo. Now if you're unfamiliar with the movie shame on you but I'll bring you up to speed. Underwater earthquake forces unusual fish up to the surface near an island, giant monster appears, entrepreneurs capture giant monster, monster gets taken back to major city (London) and put on display, monster's skyscraper sized mom destroys island looking for baby then follows trail to London, mom destroys city until reunited with baby then both leave.

Now there was only one movie so no big series like Godzilla but before Godzilla would enter into comics with the Marvel Comics series in the late 70's Gorgo got his own series from Charton Comics in 1961. Through his series Gorgo would enter into situations that brought him into conflict with either mankind's armies, other monsters, aliens or world conquerors; and that his mother would have to come rescue him from. On top of some decent writing the artistic chores were handled by the great Steve Ditko of Spiderman and the Question fame. The series lasted for 23  issues then returned as a One Shot Special Gorgo's Revenge and then as the Return of Gorgo for 3 issues in 1963.

Now for as popular as this might make him seem, Gorgo never really got that much in the way of merchandising outside of a very hard to get Palmer plastic mini figure. Then as the dawn of the vinyl toy revolution a small toy company produced a figure of Gorgo's Mom that came with a mini figure of Gorgo. Hard to come by and high priced the item faded away.

Now Monarch Models is set to release a plastic model kit of Gorgo's mom in the tradition of the ole Aurora Monster Scene model kits. The kit looks beautiful (look at the photos) and is available for pre-order from Culttvman's web site here

Go pre-order it so you can bask in it's awesomeness when it arrives...and go watch the movie the DVD is cheap as hell.

- Monsterfink
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