Thursday, April 29, 2010

Cereal Monsters

Yes, who doesn't love those classic lovable oafs that tried to convince us that their cereal was the best....what you mean you've forgotten them...oh no....they'll be coming for you next....just remember what they did to poor ol' Sugar Bear and Quake

Monster Toys - King Zor

Keeping with my current trend of doing comic book style versions of old 60's monster toys here's King Zor, the Fighting Dinosaur

What? Never heard of this one either, okay feast your eyes on this

Monster Toys - The Great Garloo

This is my comic book version of one of the greatest toys ever made, The Great Garloo. What, you never heard of him? For shame, and you call yourself a monster fan. Here watch the commercial

Is that not the coolest thing? C'mon tell me you wouldn't want one of those right now to chase your cat around the house, I know I do.
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